Adios Film Festival

It has been a week since the film festival happened. Senior Bucket List,
I thought was well reserved on Sunday. I could hear a lot of laughter
throughout the movie which was nice after working on it for so long.
The other movies in the film festival were also really good.

I was an editor for our crew. Sometimes, I was an extra in a couple of
the scenes, and yes, I was the one who got hit in the head by Harry’s
cap. Editing this year was fun because the crew was amazing and I wasn’t
in a corner this time. I really think that our movie would not have been
as good as it was without Doug making sure stuff got done.

It was my first year going down the red carpet because I could not last
year. When our crew first got there, we were questioned by Justin and Jackie
and then by Bakale. I thought Bakale’s question about what the dolphins of
the future would think of our movie was hilarious. It was great to spend the
time I did with my crew members and would not change it for anything else.
It was a great year you guys and I hope everybody is successful after graduating.

Peace out, Leslie.



Hello there,

Jackfruit here… I mean Doug… well pretty much the same thing…. any who I got inspired to write a little blog so here it goes…….

First, you must be wondering why I am so inspired. Well tonight the amazing Wax Jambu crew turned in their movie and Jackfruit is super excited for them. The Bu was inspiring to watch this year as so many people new to film came together and made an amazing movie!Plum also finished this week and I couldn’t be happier for them! I am also inspired because our movie is being finished tomorrow. That’s right, TOMORROW! We have had a few set backs including the most recent snowfall and rainstorm causing us to delay the filming of our final scene, but not to worry the rest of the move it finished!

However, the end of the movie means a few more things. Its the end of film for the year. Its the end of my  high school film festival career which has taken up so much of the last three years of my life. And for the seniors…it means the end of high school. The final stretch, the last few (Stress free) weeks of high school.  Like the end of everything we are happy to be done but sad for what we are leaving behind.

This year of film was incomparable to any other. From Finals Days to Senior Skip Day to Senior Bucket List, each year was filled with new crews, new screenplays and of course new challenges. One thing that was a challenge for me this year was the work ethic of our crew. Whether it was someone “taking a personal day” or “needing to be at practice” or the classic “where are my pants” there was a definitely a lack of JackFruit presence in the film room. Although this was a major set back at times…(Most of the time) it made me learn a few things. First, I took the saying, “If you want something done right you better do it yourself” to heart. I also learned how to manage a crew of over 10 people. But the most important thing I realized is to appreciate the time our crew did spend together. The best moments of the year were the few times when our entire crew was together. A crew can’t be one person. And a movie isn’t one person’s vision. Although I can say I put in a lot of work on this movie, I couldn’t have done it by myself.

SOOOOO back to the whole bittersweet thing….. Although you can’t imagine how excited we are to finish the movie… I guess I might miss it a little too…

Doug Stewart A.K.A ~ Jackfruit

P.S Does anyone read these?

Lucky Charms Addicts

Hello our lovely fans,

Erin and Genevieve here bringing you the latest updates on the Jackfruit crew. Spring is upon us (although it seems like it’s taking forever to get here….) so that means schedules are going to get crazier. On the flip side, we can finally start filming outdoors! This film takes place the last week of school so it’s extremely important that we film outside. Senioritis is spreading through this crew like wildfire. We’re all trying to fight it but some days it just takes over. I’m sure all seniors can relate.

When we’re not being lazy we’re editing everything we shoot almost immediately after it’s uploaded to the computer and filming. We’ve been getting a ton of scenes done lately, which is good considering our due has literally just been given to us.  *Drum roll*

Senior Bucket List is due April 30th! Having that much time gives the crew peace of mind.

We’ll be taking the pictures for our poster soon which is very exciting! We’re looking forward to seeing how our idea and vision come to life. It’s all starting to come together.

Signing off for now,

Genevieve and Erin

P.S. Our Lucky Charms prop is so addicting our crew can’t stop eating it. Except for Erin because she’s weird….or just doesn’t like Lucky Charms. But it’s really because she’s weird. Image

Me N0AH, me WreStle

Hi I’m noah and I’m the most recent addition the the jackfruit crew.  I was in film last year and worked on Miss Superlative as an assistant director, and if you saw the movie, you know how that turned out…so now I’m here, writing my first ever blog.  I guess I was supposed to write blogs last year too but I never did, so here we go. 


I started film after midyears and I think I was supposed to be on plum. However they hate me so I got unofficially kicked off without Alan’s knowledge.  I spent my days sitting in the back of the room doing a multitude of fun activities like eating, sleeping, and reading reddit on my phone.  I guess Alan didn’t like this so he gave me an ultimatum…find a crew or die, so now I’m here!


I think I’ll be a good addition as I can bring some of my assets to the crew, which they definitely need. I’m not an editor or a director or really anything specific, but I can help with lots of random stuff.  I guess I could be compared to an intern/coffee boy.  I plan on helping out with art direction and hopefully getting a chance to film.  


Noah’s assets:

Fights crime at night

Rarely late

Enjoys a nice pair of slacks 

Will dispose of any leftover bacon

Can pull strings in congress

Sucks at spelling

There are only 6 people better than me in the state

Capable of working if motivated enough

I hold the world record for most times kicked out out of webkinz




Greetings Jackfruit Lovers, 

Doug and Harry here, the two best looking members of Jackfruit and arguably the entire history of the film festival. But to keep it modest we’ll settle for best looking in Film 2014. Speaking of being modest we are also the biggest film crew this year coming in strong with 12 and a half members. (We lost one during the semester but his efforts will never be forgotten. Other fun facts including what the Buzz stated as, “One of the hardest members to handle….you have to put up with him forgetting his lines, forgetting to show up, or forgetting his pants” (The Buzz). When asked about this Harry refused to give a statement, possibly because Harry is unaware of the Buzz. Jackfruit is also the only crew this year to have their star not in the film class. (Cough Cough…Griffin). So why are we telling you all these things you ask? Why are we willingly tainting the Jackfruit Image.

That is because we believe Jackfruit is unstoppable. Either coming into film for the first time or moving up the the film class; everyone on the class has something to prove. For Harry and Myself, we have each taken on bigger roles in film than ever before. This is my first year as the main director for a movie and it is Harry’s first time starring in a movie, a big improvement from being cast as “Freshman” in Senior Skip Day. Others on the Crew like Griffin, Casey, Leslie and Erin and all determined to personally improve from last year to make this movie the best. 

Hi, Harry here. Uhm, Doug pretty much hit the nail on the head with his novel that he just wrote. But, uh, yeah, here goes. As far as I can tell, this movie will be the funniest movie in the film festival. Now, that could be because we’re the only comedy but still, comedic genius. Doug is wizard like behind the camera so, for the past few shots, we were without his wizardness for the past couple scenes shot, but, we powered through it. I like Mike Griffin a lot. He smells like old people. Have a good day blog enthusiasts. 

-With modesty 

Doug & Harry

O Canada

Seemed like Canada was the go-to spot for Jackfruit this Vacation. Before Doug and Erin departed to this foreign land we were left with strict orders from the top dog- Doug.  With high expectations we got to work, or at least planned to. Snow swooped in and Griffin was unable to trek through the storm and grace us with his presence. After this tragedy, Jackfruit was pushed back a day. Despite numerous disasters, Jackfruit was back on track Tuesday morning. Just our luck, there was a cheerleading convention was being hosted in the high school gym. This forced us to wait because the noise was too much to film with. This was my first time really being involved with the crew since I was not in film last term. Over vacation I was able to observe the real life friendship between Harry and Mike. I was surprised by this because I have never seen them interact before, they really do act like brothers. This brotherhood really shined on the camera, and made it easy to fly through scenes. With lots of laughs, and some Good Food store sandwiches, we were able to get 4 scenes done over vacation and thanks to our Adobe Wizard,  Leslie, get all the footage imported and labeled. Returning back to school today I looked forward to continuing the path we were on- until I remember we are still missing Doug…and still no Griff. Luckily we have Erin back to help until Doug  returns from his vacation. Until then we will meet with our poster people and continue to edit.

It’s all falling into place


Hello Mike? Griff? Mike Griffin where are you?

Ok so we are now into the end of January, we just finished up mid-years (filming a ton over the mid year week) and received our new schedules. Our main actor  Mike Griffin is no longer in our film class, making him unable to film in class any more. This is a HUGE problem. Like I can not fathom how he allowed this to happen. Mike received his schedule on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!! He should have changed it at that point in time. Mike should not have slacked off and let it be. He is currently stuck in pop rock and jazz. A silly music class. Either you make movies or make excuses, and Griffin’s excuse is unacceptable. Fortunately, we have the best people working on fixing his schedule. Also Jackfruit has a new addition, her name is Casey White and she is a Director.

In better news last week we knocked out a ton of scenes, and we even re shot one. We also filmed one of our larger montages. Art Direction is taking a big step up and pulled in a big favor to help set up the montage.  As I sit here writing this blog Leslie is next to me going HAM on editing. She is a total super star. (I’m also currently watching the montage and it looks amazing.)

Oh and by the way my name is Erin, but more often than not you can also hear me being called by my nickname Tito. I do not really have a set title on the crew. Doug does not believe in them because as a crew we are a family. Everyone steps up and helps out. But I edit, blog, do some art direction, and maybe if I’m lucky I can even film. As Mr. Alan frequently tells me, “Erin you are a floater, you do whatever you want/ whatever we need you to do. you are also an enforcer.”

P.S. As I write this Alan has given me a note, it is a hit list. I get a new one every week.  it is my job to finish the list.

Photo on 2014-01-30 at 10.53

Time for midterms….

Hello everyone! I hope midterms are going well. If you’re like me, you probably haven’t been studying much and instead, catching up on your favorite TV show(s). (For me those shows are Dexter and Sons of Anarchy.) But that’s what midterm week is for right? Midterm week is also a great time for filming! And that’s what Jackfruit has been doing.

So far we’ve shot one scene and we’ve been editing too. Most of us are finally learning how to label shots properly.  Things have been going pretty smoothly. We shot one of the funniest scenes yesterday with the great Anna Hebner. She was a natural and was great to film with.

The boys are keeping things funny as usual. They’re latest joke is dropping that “Thun thun thun” after every take. You’ll see them all on the blooper reel, it’ll be hard to miss.

Not much else to report from the Jackfruit crew!

It’s all falling into place,

Genevieve Canavan

Drop That Thun-Thun-Thun

This week we started filming.  So far everything is looking pretty good.  Everyone is having a lot of fun and were getting work done.  Doug Stewart is a wizard both with and without the camera.  The combination of Harrison and Mike is so far working like a charm. We are struggling to find a girl “worthy enough” to be asked out by Harry. Now, as you know, Mike Griffin is a strange human being by himself, but when you pair him with Harry, it’s like a match made in heaven. Trevor Wassel has been coming up huge both on camera and off. We have yet to work, with Sean, but, he and Trevor should be fairly scummy. We are anticipating tho film to be absolutely hilarious and so far, it’s proving us right. After every scene the actors complete, they “Drop that thun-thun-thun” ayeeeee! Now, is that weird? Yes. But, as long as they drop the thun thun thun and not their lines, then we are all set. The team is really starting to come together as a whole. It works out great because most of us were not friends before this movie but we are all becoming friends as the movie progress continues.


Harrison Berkland and Trevor Wassel

Welcome to Production

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to the blog of the ever famous JackFruit crew. Today we filmed our first scene….well we  tried. It turns out that Clementine also needed the lobby so being the great people we are, we let Clementine film in the lobby today and we will film the scene tomorrow. However, while practicing our actors Harry Berkland and Mike Griffin, came up with a few jokes to help keep this scene interesting. As a crew we are really counting on our actors to really sell every scene and make sure they are super funny. Besides today we have also scheduled the next three weeks of filming and starting early next week we begin tackling some of our big scene including the individual challenge montage and a scene titled, “The Ride”.

Do you know Jackfruit gets a new crew member next semester? Well for those you didn’t know its Director Casey White. After her movie, “Miss Superlative” last year Casey is excited to work with Jackfruit this year. Casey says she is, “Last year I didn’t have the best experience so this year I am excited to work with different people and I’m excited about Senior Bucket list because it is well written script with a lot of potential that hopefully I can help broadcast to the audience”. Jackfruit is eager to have Casey join the film class.

Well thats all for now because we have important film things to get back to….

Peace. Love. Jackfruit


PS. Jackfruit and Plum remain peaceful. Hannah has grown less sassy, we think she has become aware of her problem and is seeking help. On the other hand, Quince likes to scream every time they talk. But no crew wars have broken out yet. Jackfruit would also like to thank Clementine for being awesome.